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Pro Detangler Brush™

Pro Detangler Brush™

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Quick, Simple, Clean

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Detangle Stubborn Knots in Seconds !

Are you tired of spending endless hours detangling hair, only to be met with tears and frustration?
Introducing the Detangler-Brush™, a revolutionary hairbrush designed for effortless detangling. It performs magic by untangling stubborn knots in mere seconds painlessly. Say goodbye to battles & tears, and hello to smooth, knot-free hair!

Endless Perks

Experience the multitude of advantages offered by our one-of-a-kind Detangler-Brush™ :

★ Prevents breakage
★ Removes discomfort
★ Saves lots of time
★ Does not pull but easily glides through
★ Improve scalp blood circulation
★ Will make you very happy!

Save Time and Tears

Detangler-Brush™ 's patented bristle structure combines nylon and boar bristles for gentle detangling. With its extraordinary oversized design, reduces damage by 70% and untangles knots up to 5 times faster, saving you precious time. Suitable for all hair types, wet or dry including sensitive scalps.

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Invisible Lift Up Bra

The INVISIBLE LIFT-UP BRA is designed to assist women of all body types in achieving their desired appearance.

Skin-friendly material

These bras are constructed from medical-grade materials, ensuring they are skin-friendly and breathable, causing no irritation. They securely adhere to the skin, offering nipple protection without easily coming off, while still being easy to remove.


You can tailor the bra to your needs by trimming the rabbit ears, making it suitable for various outfits like off-shoulder gowns or to remain hidden under clothing. These cups can be adjusted to match your fashion choices.


To maintain their adhesiveness, clean and air dry these bras after each use by rinsing with mild soap and lukewarm water, allowing them to be reused without losing effectiveness.